Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week of May 8 - 14 (Mother's Day)

We had another fun Family Home Evening at church with the missionaries, some members, and some investigators. We took turns reading from the Book of Mormon. I read my scripture in Spanish, believe it or not. Everyone clapped for me even though I know it wasn't very good. For the activity we played "Minute to Win It". We had to put an Oreo on our forehead and try to get it in our mouths without using our hands. It was hard! A couple people were pretty good at it. We all laughed a lot.

I had an experience that showed me the Lord is in our lives and aware of what we are doing and what is going on. A couple of missionaries came into the office inquiring if we had a Korean Book of Mormon. I looked in the cabinet where we have some Book of Mormons in other languages besides English and Spanish. There was not a Korean one, so I ordered a couple. I noticed what a mess that cabinet was and decided to organize it and label the Book of Mormons with what language they are. I also found a bunch of pamphlets in other languages. Just as I was about to finish the project and close the cabinet, some other elders came in to check on a name badge. Elder Chamberlain saw what I was doing and got so excited to see the Hindi Book of Mormons. He said there are quite a few Hindi people in Wasco where they are serving. They had just talked to one the day before. So they took three Hindi Book of Mormons and a stack of Hindi pamphlets. Pretty cool how that all worked out!

FYI we have the following languages of Book of Mormons on hand: Abdiel, Arabic, Armenian, Afrikaans, Cambodian, Chinese, French, German, Hiligaynon, Hindi, Indonesian, Igbo, Marshallese, Maya, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Russian, Samoan, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Tongan, Ukrainian, Yoruba, and Vietnamese. 

James had a "tender mercy". His lawyer friend, Richard Olona, called to tell him he was about to be sued. It just so happened that Richard works for a big asphalt company as their lawyer. He was asked to sue Pak-One, LLC for an unpaid bill. So he called to tell James he was about to file a lawsuit against our company. After researching the situation, James found out it was for some asphalt work done at two of his Wendy's parking lots after he sold the business. David See, the new owner, said they had paid it. However, that company subcontracted it to another company and never passed on the payment to them. Thankfully, it got sorted out. What are the odds the lawyer who was going to sue was Richard. The Lord does know what is going on in our lives and blesses us.

Speaking of blessings, we were promised in our setting apart blessings from President Lyman that our family would be blessed because of our sacrifice and service of serving a mission. We were wondering if you, our family, have seen blessings in your lives or the lives of your families this past year that could be attributed to our promise. Please let us know.
Friday morning we drove to Los Angeles. You never know how long it will take because the traffic is always bad, but sometimes it is really bad. It is always amazing for us to see the sea of cars and be slowed to nearly a standstill. There are old cars, new cars, semi's, trucks, small cars, big cars, expensive cars, and junkers, but we are all in the same boat. However, it is legal for motorcycles to drive between the lanes of traffic. Sometimes they nearly scare the socks off you as they come roaring out of nowhere and go whizzing by so closely.
We attended the Los Angeles Temple with six missionaries who will be departing in a couple of weeks. Sister Harmon was suppose to come with the group also, but she was sick and stayed in Bakersfield. In our chapel session a counselor in the temple presidency spoke to us. He said that on most tombstones the birth date and death date are separated by a dash. That dash represents our life on earth. Even though that dash is just a flash in the eternities, how we live our lives here is very important and will determine our destiny. He said the Lord has prepared many mansions in heaven. (John 14:2, D&C 76:111, Ether 12:32) We are preparing where our own mansion will be by the service and sacrifice we do on this earth and by the covenants and ordinances we make and keep.
Elder Markwalter, Elder Larsen, President & Sister Layton, Sister Kuang, Sister Pincock, Sister Martineau, Sister Badger

Sister Medina had her annual Mother's Day flower sale this weekend.  It is a family affair with her daughters and son helping. They also sell flowers on Valentines Day. They live on a corner lot and she puts her little white trailer out front where she sells from. On Sunday her son, Danny, and his cousin set up another stand on a busy corner a few blocks away. Danny said he was a little scared when two police cars showed up and the policemen searched them for weapons. The police said they couldn't be there. So Danny called his mom and she came over with the permit. All was well and they didn't end up in jail thank heavens. Each year they have a purpose in mind for their flower sale. One year they bought a car. Another year they made the money to send Grace to Stanford for a summer program. This year they want to make enough money to cover the food costs that Grace and Jayline will need at BYU next year. We went to help support them and bought  five flower arrangements. We dropped them off at Melva's, Isabel's, Ingrid's, Martha's, and brought one home for me.

Saturday evening we attended the baptism for Lori Lampo. Ernie Lindle from her ward baptized her.
He is originally from Wellsville and we had a nice visit with him. Bishop Little welcomed Lori to
the ward with his testimony and advice to "look for ways to lift others. It will strengthen you and bless
their lives." Lori has been investigating the church for over a year and finally decided it was time for
her to make the commitment. It was a wonderful baptism.
She wanted a picture with all the missionaries that
were there.
Sister Layton, Elder & Sister Ball, Sister Kuang, Sister Hutchinson, Lori, Sister Hogge , Sister Boyer, Sister & Elder Porras, Elder Salvesson, and Elder Fry

Being a mother is one of my greatest blessings! All I every wanted to do was be a mother. When I was young I didn't even think ahead to the added blessings that grandchildren would bring. Sunday James made me breakfast, ham and eggs, and he and Elder Ball cooked dinner for Ingrid and me. I broke my chain of 55 days without sweets or desserts by enjoying chocolate covered strawberries our Bishop made for the women in Relief Society. It is so nice to be pampered!