Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week of November 28 - December 4

California passed a law to ban plastic bags at grocery, convenience, and other stores. It went into effect right after the elections. So now you pay for a bag, bring your own, or just carry out whatever you bought. At Walmart and some other stores they have these thick plastic bags you can buy for 10 cents that are suppose to last thru 125 trips.

We celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. We took the afternoon off to do errands, shopping, dinner, and a movie. I posted this picture on Instagram and then our daughter, Delane, put it on Facebook. We got lots of likes and comments from family and friends. It was fun to see. (Just as a reminder, we did not deface this tree in the forest. We just happened upon it and it had our initials. It was a miracle!)
We have committed to Light the World in at least 25 ways over 25 days. We have been sharing the pass along cards and calendars for this Christmas initiative with everyone that comes in the mission office; the Culligan man, the mail man, and the Fed Ex and UPS delivery people.
We enjoy turning on our own Christmas lights every evening. It makes me happy and brings a special spirit. We love the nativity that our daughter, LaResa, and her kids sent us for an early Christmas gift.
Friday we got to go to the Los Angeles Temple for the "departing temple trip" for the missionaries leaving in a week and a half. We took Elder Hernandez, Elder Smith, and Elder Price with us in our little VW Jetta. Thank heavens they are all thin elders. However, Elder Price is 6 foot 8 inches. I moved my seat up as far as I could to give him some leg room. He said he was fine. It was fun. We had a wonderful day!
 After having lunch in the temple cafeteria, we enjoyed the Temple Visitor Center and the beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

That evening we attended Lisa Wells's baptism. She is in our ward. Her husband, Eddie, and their three children came with her. She told me she did not even tell her mother because she knows she would not have approved. Eddie was very touched and emotional. He has been coming to church with her the last few weeks also.

Saturday James was out washing our car when a U-Haul truck pulled up. He jumped right in to help a couple guys unload it. They were helping their friend, Lee, move. He moved into the apartment next to ours. I looked out the window and saw them going up the sidewalk with loads of stuff, so I went out to help too. It was nice giving service, but the exercise was nice also. Then we shared "Light the World" cards and calendars with them.

Saturday evening was our ward Christmas dinner and party. We took Verenice and Melva's mother and sister. Melva is out of town, but her nonmember family was happy to go and really enjoyed it.

Sunday James bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting. One thing he said was that he has opened lots of Christmas gifts over the years, but can not even remember what one of them was. Yet, he can remember the celebrations with our family and enjoying the time together. I feel that way also.