Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week of Aug 29-Sep 4

Does this blog look any different or any better? Well it should. We have a fancy new All-In-One computer. Our old laptop that we brought with us was giving us trouble and about ready to die. We also got a free TV and printer with the deal. We bravely left the TV in the box and put it away in the closet. We figured we have survived without TV this long, so we will be better off without it the rest of our mission.

We have officially been on our mission for two months (1/6th of the time) already because we entered the MTC on July 4th. One thing that we constantly remind ourselves about is "It's not about me; it's about thee!" It is easy to think "I did a great job today" or "I'm so smart I figured that out", but then we need to remember why we are doing what we are doing and why we are here. It is all about bringing souls unto Christ.

We met Elders Rocha and Tolata'u at the Family History Center along with Kimberly, a recent convert, and her cousin. We helped them get on FamilySearch for their first times. They all got so excited when they saw their names and their parents on their family trees. They entered their siblings information and thought it was so cool. We told them now they need to get names and dates of their ancestors to build their trees backwards.

This week we also went with Elders Bennett and Olsen again to teach Serena. She has read more in the Book of Mormon and loves the way it makes her feel. She accepts what she is being taught. However, she still is not ready to worship on Sunday.

The other day on a walk to the park I saw this sweet chalk drawing. We all need faith and hope.

Anytime we get a chance, we love to show off our pictures of our family and grandchildren and brag a little!

Friday night for our date, we went back to Taft to their monthly car cruise. There were not many cars, but it was fun to walk up and down the street and see what an event it is for the locals. Next to showing off pictures of his family and grandkids, James loves to show off pictures of his old cars, especially with people who appreciate them. He got the chance to do just that. We enjoyed our yummy frozen yogurt treat sitting on a bench watching the cars go by.

Saturday night we attended the baptism of Julio Dominguez. He is a wonderful man that is so thankful for the church. He is enthusiastic and often agrees with what the speaker says by an audible "amen" or "thank you brother". We sang "Amazing Grace" for the closing hymn. When was the last time you sang "Amazing Grace" at church? James loved it. It took him back to his old Baptist days.

Today, Sunday, it was only 84 degrees in Bakersfield! What a lovely break! I heated the oven up and made zucchini cake from some zucchinis that Jilleen from our ward gave me as a thank you for sewing the broken handles back on her bag.