Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week of April 3 - 9

Look who we found in California! Our son, Tony, and his two managers went to their Big O Tire Convention in San Diego Monday thru Wednesday. The convention wrapped up Wednesday after lunch, so we were able to meet them in Pomona. It was about a two to two and a half hour drive for each of us. We met at Wally Parks NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Motorsports Museum. We arrived about an hour before they did, but it was okay. It happened to be the first Cruise-In Car Show of the season out in the parking lot. James was in seventh heaven looking at all the old cars and showing off the pictures on his phone of all his old cars to anyone who was interested. Several people commented that we were "overdressed" for the occasion. Yes, we were. Finally, Tony, Nick, and Shawn got there. It was so good to see Tony after more than nine months! We enjoyed the museum and car show together. Then we ate dinner at a little Mexican tacueria that turned out to have very good food. Both Nick and Shawn each have three children and are trying to be good fathers. We gave them the little booklet, "Three Simple Ways to Become A Happier Family", during our dinner conversation. Nick seemed to be especially interested as he thumbed thru and read some of it. He said, "I think we will read this together as a family". On Monday, they had a chance to go to the Mormon Battalion Museum in San Diego which they all said was pretty interesting and cool. I had to remind Tony that he had a relative (his 4th great grandfather) who served in the Mormon Battalion. Another year at their convention in Arizona, Tony took them to the Visitor's Center at the Mesa Arizona Temple.
Then it came time to say goodbye. After the hugs, they climbed into their convertible, waved, and drove off to Hollywood. Nick had never been to California so Tony wanted him to see a few things. They had to have the top down on their Mustang even in the evening when it got a little cool, otherwise big Shawn and Nick would not fit in the car. Shawn had a real struggle trying to get his seatbelt buckled in the back seat. Finally, after about five minutes of both James and Tony helping him it was a success!

3 Simple Ways to a Happier Family manual

Troy called to tell us  they just had the sister missionaries over that their ward and our ward share. He said one of them is Sister Slaughter from Bakersfield. He told her his parents were on a mission in Bakersfield. Troy suggested to the missionaries that they should knock on our door when Tyson (the guy living in our house) would be home and ask for us. That would give them a good way to visit with Tyson about the church.
The Slaughter's are in our stake. We don't know them, but have heard the name. They just returned last July from being mission president in the San Antonio Mission. We were able to find their phone number and James called James Slaughter to  tell him that his daughter is serving in our home ward. They had a nice visit and Brother Slaughter had even been to Gonzales, Texas (James' birth place) a few times since it was in his mission. Small world!

We attempted to visit a couple of investigators with Elder Rowley and Elder Hulet this week, but nobody was home. We also tried to help find a homeless guy who is living here. His mother, who lives near Anaheim, called  the mission office concerned about him and also sent a small package for him. He has not shown up yet.

For some odd reason, we went to three movies over the weekend; "Going In Style" on Friday and both "Queen Of The Desert" and "Case For Christ" on Saturday.

We should have saved our pictures and information about palm trees that we posted last week until this week since today is "Palm Sunday". Palm Sunday commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. It marks the beginning of Holy Week. Jesus Christ rode on a donkey into Jerusalem and the people laid down palm branches in his path. The donkey is an animal of peace symbolizing his entry as the Prince of Peace. Palm branches symbolized goodness and victory.  
                                                                                          Check out Prince of Peace on this week and watch the beautiful, poignant video. There are also 8 principles of peace to help us find peace in our lives. Each principle is explained with a short video.