Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week of January 16-22

Bakersfield has been experiencing unusual amounts of rain lately. It rained several days this week, which is good because they have been in a drought the last few years. Our little courtyard in front of the mission office door looked almost like "beachfront property". This is the first time we have seen water in the river and canals since we have been here. They have been bone dry. Also, the mountains received snow.

We are so excited that we got a new copier in the office this week. (It doesn't take much to make us happy.) It will get a workout because we all seem to make a lot of copies. The old one gave us lots of trouble and frustrations.

James took the Assistants, Elder Olsen and Elder Bennett, to lunch on Thursday. I think he just wanted an excuse to go to Freddy's.

Our missionaries have been instructed to use their cars like a bus; drive to an area and then get out and walk. That way they will be out among the people more and have more opportunities to meet people and talk to them. Many missionaries have Chevy Malibu's and they have dubbed them "Malibus".                                                               Friday we met Elder Vellver and Stephenson to go teach a lady. Unfortunately, the lady was not home. Those elders were doing what they were suppose to do because their car was parked way down the street.                                         (We took a picture of them at church today because Elder Stephenson is being transferred to Ridgecrest on Tuesday.)

Saturday afternoon we went to a baptism. Elder Casper and Elder Waters both went into the baptismal font with Ann to baptize her. Ann is a large woman in her 50's with challenges. She uses a wheelchair most of the time or a walker for short distances. She managed to get to the font and the sweet Elders gently helped her down the three or four steps into the font. Then they were both there to immerse her in the water. It was a tender moment. The spirit was very strong in the room! It was another reminder to us that Heavenly Father does not judge a person by the way they look on the outside. He loves everyone the same and sees the person they are inside and what they can become.

James taught the lesson in High Priests on Sunday. Last week they asked for a volunteer. No one volunteered, so James did. What a good guy! It was on the talk by Elder Craig C. Christensen, "A Choice Seer Will I Raise Up" from October's General Conference.


P.S.  Can you believe that Trump is our new President of the United States!