Thursday, July 14, 2016

MTC (Missionary Training Center)

We packed our little VW Jetta until it was nearly bursting. There was just enough room for us in the front seats. We were off on a new adventure to serve the Lord!

We spent two weeks at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo, Utah. The first week we learned to teach about Christ from the book "Preach My Gospel". They were big on using role plays, so we got a lot of experience doing that. The next week, we had computer training that we will be able to use in the mission office where we will be serving our mission. We learned many cool tricks and shortcuts. If we can only remember them, they will really be of help. Also, we were reminded that we are missionaries first and our purpose is to bring souls unto Christ. We will have opportunities daily to do that no matter what else we are doing.

There were 130 of us senior missionaries at the MTC from all over the United States and going to all parts of the country and other countries to serve in many different capacities. It was especially fun to see the 2,000 young elder and sister missionaries and talk to them to see where they were from and where they are going. They are all so energetic and happy to be serving the Lord. It was rather refreshing to notice that they were cell phoneless. It was amazing to see all of these young people without phones.

We are getting used to wearing our missionary badges all the time. We have discovered they get us attention, we are noticed, and we almost feel like celebrities. It is pretty special being full time representatives of Jesus Christ!