Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week of May 1 - 7

This week in Bakersfield gave us a taste of the hot weather to come. We had a couple of 90+ days, Wednesday it was 101, Thursday 103, and then Saturday we got relief with 63, and lastly it was only 71 today with rain last night.

Monday evening we went to Family Home Evening/Book of Mormon class at our church that the missionaries in our ward started. Only people from the Spanish Group showed up, so it was in Spanish. We took turns reading the first chapter of the Book of Mormon, Nephi 1, and discussing it. Even though Nephi 1 is the most read and reread book in the Book of Mormon, it is always good to read it again and see what insights you can gain. Then we played "Signs". It took us and some of the others awhile to catch on to the game, but we all laughed a lot and had a fun time together. It is going to be a weekly event.
Elder Hulet, Elder Labrum, Elder Atkinson, Elder Cruz, Elder Hathcock, Elder Thomason
Tuesday we went to the Los Angeles Temple and took Melva Arce, who was baptized about six months ago. We left at 6:30am and picked up Melva's niece, Marian, in Altadena (next to Pasadena).
Traffic getting to Los Angeles was a solid sea of cars as usual.
Elder Jacobsen (he baptized Melva)  and Elder Labrum  along with Brother John Olsen, from our ward, met us at the temple visitor's center. Marian stayed there with all the sweet sister missionaries who took good care of her while the rest of us went into the temple baptistery. They showed her around the visitor center, introduced her to the church, gave her a Book of Mormon, and got her contact information. Melva was so excited and nervous! She took five family names to the temple. She was baptized for both of her grandmothers  and  Elder Jacobsen
was baptized for both of her grandfathers and her father. Elder Labrum did the baptizing, James and Brother Olsen were the witnesses and did the confirming after. It was an emotional and spiritual experience for all of us, but especially for Melva. She said she was thinking about her grandmas and when she came up out of the water she could feel them with her. Her heart was beating so fast, and yet she said she felt such peace and comfort. She said the temple was so peaceful! We took pictures by the temple and took Melva and Marian just inside the beautiful, huge temple doors to see inside and feel the spirit. A group of departing missionaries from the Los Angeles Mission came in just then and Elder Labrum was blown away when he saw someone he knew. They stepped outside for a minute to take pictures. She was a high school friend and is a friend of his girlfriend. We said our goodbyes to Brother Olsen and the missionaries. Then we drove to Alhambra, another Los Angeles suburb, where we had lunch at the Diner on Main. Marian and Melva got to visit some more. Marian used to live there and had some business to take care of, so that is where we left her. It was a very nice day for all of us.
Elder Jacobsen (Preston, ID), Elder Labrum (Ogden, UT), Marian, Melva, Sister Porras, Elder Porras, Brother Olsen

Wednesday Grace and Jayline Martinez turned 18. We dropped by to tell them "Happy Birthday" and drop off birthday bags. They bags contained a microwave potato bag and a couple of sweet potatoes. They love potatoes, but have never had sweet potatoes.

Of course, we went out for Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo at Senior Pepe's Restaurant. James had beef fajitas and I had caldo de polo (chicken soup).

Saturday we went to two baptisms. The first one was for Areda Tallon, who is about 60 years old. She had to be baptized three times because the first two times her leg kept coming up out of the water. The second baptism was for Jackson Wells, an eight year old boy. His mother, Lisa, was baptized last December. They are in our ward.

Bakersfield has roaches. We had heard that, but had not seen any until a couple months ago. Then we started seeing a few in our apartment. Thankfully, they are not the "Texas-sized" roaches we used to see in Texas. They sprayed our apartment and we haven't seen anymore lately. Bakersfield also seems to have quite a few spiders. We have seen a few in our apartment and more on our little patio.